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"Charlie Hall is the none. I have to be honest. When students come to me for guitar lessons, I usually tell them they'd get the best instruction from Charlie..."

 Phil Volan

"Over the years I've had the privilege to both play and and study guitar with Charlie Hall. I'm not sure which brings me more pleasure. Charlie  brings warmth, humor, professionalism and an amazing understanding of acoustic instruments to both his playing and his teaching. If you are looking for someone who can teach either the basics or, better yet, the professional nuances of playing guitar, mandolin or the double bass, Charlie Hall will exceed your expectations."

 Joe Uveges

"When I started working with Charlie Hall I was more of a rock guitar player with no real understanding of what I was playing. I was discouraged from playing often because I felt stuck at one level. Charlie opened up my horizons; introduced me to bluegrass style rhythm, flatpicking and started me down the fingerstyle methods that I use today. He is the single most important influence on my present day playing ability. Now, I feel I can play almost anything I apply myself to, because I learned technique, gained confidence, and understand practice habits that work."

- Mike Carr, Reston, VA


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